Creating, updating and controlling documented information
Protection of personal data
Corrective actions implementation
Integrated management system analysis
Hiring staff
Human resources training
Handling notifications and complaints
Human resources assessment
Control of non-compliant services
Process monitoring and measurement
Internal and external communication
Work environment
Stakeholder satisfaction assessment


Own preventive financial control
Equipment monitoring and maintenance
Internal Audit
Heritage inventory
Providing legal assistance
HSC transport
Archiving documents
Public procurement
Import and export of HSC
Engaging, winding-up, authorising and payment of expenses
Public relations
RNDVCSH’s own revenues: establishing, tracking, collecting and recording own revenues
Organizing the accounting, bookkeeping and the accounting monograph within RNDVCSH
Preparation, verification, control and reporting of monthly, quarterly and financial statements analysis
Decommissioning, downgrading and scrapping of fixed assets and assets of the nature of inventory items
Expenditure settlement operations
Cassa operations
Receipt, storage and release of goods
Receipt of goods and services purchased by RNDVCSH
Elaboration of the budget, quarterly distribution of the approved budget and registration of budget changes during the budget year
RNDVCSH Hematopoietic stem cell donors registration
Transplant preparation (work-up)
Direct public procurement
Recruitment of HSC donors
Labeling of biological samples (blood sample, HSC graft – apheresis, HSC graft – BM, additional cellular products)
HSC donor typing
Collection and processing of HSC / additional cellular products
Monitoring Romanian patients
Donor monitoring
Monitoring of foreign patients
Reporting of adverse reactions and severe accidents to donors, patients and cellular products
Transport of biological samples for typing (blood samples, HSC swabs collected by buccal smearing)


Risk analysis and management
Use of IT resources
Access control
Information classification policy
Electronic information back-up policy
Passwords usage
Handling disciplinary incidents
Employee rights and obligations
Work relations policy
Standards of conduct
Handling security incidents
Modification of employment conditions
Archiving documents in electronic form
Preparation of paychecks
Physical security requirements
Security requirements in contracts with third parties
Contingency and continuity plan requirements
Email usage security requirements
Security requirements for remote access
Security requirements for equipment outside RNDVCSH
Requirements regarding access control in the server room
Antivirus protection
Use of smartphone devices
Labeling, recording, distribution, transmission, multiplication, translation, extracting, destruction, storage and inventory of information and data of the organization
Management of change
Configuration management
Search and identification of compatible unrelated HSC donors for patients with indication for HSC allotransplantation
Preparation and use of invoices issued by RNDVCSH
Donor characteristics – eligibility
Subsequent donation and second donation of HSC / additional cellular products for the same patient
Second transplant to the same patient
Confidentiality of the donor’s personal data
Reimbursement of donor expenses
Donor consent