Conditions under which RNDVCSH will accept requests for donors

RNDVCSH can accept request on behalf of international patients only if coming from a National Registry. Formal search requests have to be send to the RNDVCSH through EMDIS (European marrow Donor Information System). In case the Registry is not EMDIS connected, use the WMDA search request form S10 and send it by email to or, alternatively, by fax to +40 21 201 8828.

The following is a list of minimum conditions that must be met for each transplant center under which the registry will accept patient searches and requests for donors.

  1. Center must be accredited by its national government to perform transplants and must have credentials for compliance with international standards.
  2. Center must have adequate staff, support services, resources, space, equipment and supplies to perform and manage activities
  3. Center should use a laboratory accredited by European Federation for Immunogenetics or American Society of Histocompatibility (ASHI)
  4. Center must maintain strict confidentiality to protect the privacy of donors and patients
  5. Center must have access to the internet through with required data will be submitted to RNDVCSH
  6. Center must assume financial responsibility for services requested.

The following is the information required from the transplant centers before a search:

Information about the patient prior to search of a donor:

  • age,
  • disease,
  • stage,
  • weight,
  • patient HLA typing,
  • minimal HLA matching requirements between patient and donor