NRHSCVD’s main aim is to fulfill its duties as set out in the governing legislation and its bylaws regarding the implementation and observance of the Ministry of Health priority policies and health system strategy.
The general targets envisaged for 2016-2019 and related implementation plan are in line with the 2014-2020 National Health Strategy drafted by the Ministry of Health and serve to achieve the NRHSCVD vision and mission according to the WMDA standards and policies, namely:
•To ensure effective provision of HSC for patients in need of a stem cell transplant and perform the procedure in one of the transplant centers in the country;
•To help increase public and professional awareness of HSC donation as a way to aid patients;
•To implement international quality standards and operational procedures through continuous education programmes and studies;
•To develop the governance structure for effective and accountable implementation of its mission;
•To maximize available resources.
The Ministry of Health (MoH) Strategy in this field in the medium-term includes support of Registry activities as well as the donor recruitment, testing and HSC donation activities carried out by designated health facilities. As such, the national public health programmes include these specific activities funded from the state budget. Also, the MoH Strategy includes sustained support for the information and communication activities run by teams of professionals and volunteers to increase general public awareness and information regarding the Romanian Registry developments, with a view to reaching a number of registered donors comparable to other European Community countries.